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Honoring the Many Roles of Mom this Mother’s Day

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just you in your sensible family vehicle, driving to the next sports practice, playdate or recital.


Moms might not wear capes or spandex body suits (although who doesn’t love comfy athleisure-wear?), but they’re no less of a superhero. In fact, to our kids, moms can pretty much do it all. When you brought home that bundled-up baby from the hospital, who knew you would now have at least 15 jobs you were automatically needed for?


Mother with Children


The Many Roles of Mom


This Mother’s Day – and every day of the year – we honor all the moms who have, at one time or another, felt they are the family—


  1. Nurse, bandaging up skinned knees and elbows, administering medication when kids are sick and keeping our sweet children comfortable when they’re spiking a fever.

  2. Doctor, deciding whether that red splotch is just a heat rash or hives, and knowing when it’s time to call in the true expert – your child’s pediatrician.

  3. Chauffer, driving kids to friends’ houses, afterschool activities, sports games, birthday parties and all the events.

  4. Teacher, helping out with homework and trying to find creative ways for kids to remember math equations and historical facts as they study for exams.

  5. Chef, serving up meals that everyone in the family will enjoy, even the child who just that morning decided she’s no longer eating meat, and the other child who won’t touch tomatoes.

  6. Dietitian, making sure those daily meals and snacks are healthy and fueling them with nutritious energy.

  7. Air traffic controller, keeping track of everyone’s comings and goings, and making sure everyone lands safely at home by the end of the day.

  8. House cleaner, because even if the kids did wipe down the counter after dinner, you know it needs a second pass to really do the job well!

  9. Party planner, because birthdays are a big deal to kiddos. Besides, what’s a party without a theme?

  10. Photographer, since you want to capture all the moments, big and small, while you can – and hopefully when everyone is smiling.

  11. Entertainment coordinator, for those long stretches in waiting rooms, lobbies, car rides and even check-out lines. (Or when you told the kids “No electronics,” and they can’t find ways to entertain themselves.)

  12. Referee, handling sibling rivalries and playdate disputes and finding ways to compromise and keep the peace.

  13. Law enforcement officer, doling out time-outs when warranted and not giving in to rulebreakers, no matter how adorable they can be!

  14. Lifeguard, from washing your little one in the kitchen sink as a baby to monitoring them riding the waves at the beach. No one keeps an eye on your kiddos like you do!

  15. Therapist, helping your kids through tough times and growing pains that can’t easily be bandaged on the outside.


Moms may not officially hold these titles, and a lot of what you do goes unrecognized. But we see you, and we know that as moms, the rewards are in hugs, cuddles on the couch and the spontaneous, “I love yous” we get from our kids. You got this, mom! You truly are the family superhero.

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