Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

160 (4.4) Be the first to review this product
Carnation Breakfast Essential® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix is easy, delicious, and nutrient-packed with 21 vitamins & minerals, 13 g of protein, and 150 calories in each prepared serving.

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About Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

when prepared as directed with 1 cup of skim milk

13 g Protein

to support growth and help build & maintain muscle

Key Nutrients for Immune Support

100% DV of Vitamin C & 50% DV of Vitamin D

40% DV Calcium

to help build strong bones

150 Nutrient-Rich Calories

for nutritional energy

20% DV Iron

to help blood deliver oxygen to the body

No Artificial

flavors or colors

Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® products are nutritionally appropriate for ages 4 years and older

Each Prepared Serving of this Nutrient-Packed Breakfast Drink Mix Provides

when prepared as directed with 1 cup of skim milk



As much protein as two large eggs


As much calcium as three 5.3 oz cups of Greek Yogurt

Vitamin D
Vitamin D

As much vitamin D as two 8 fl oz glasses of milk

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

As much vitamin C as one medium orange

Source-USDA FoodData Central: One large egg has 6.3 g protein. One 5.3 oz cup of Greek Yogurt contains 141 mg calcium. One 8 fl oz glass of skim milk contains 2.9 mcg vitamin D. One medium orange has 70 mg vitamin C.

Nutritional Information


light start vanilla

From: | Jun 04, 2021

bring back light vanilla. It was my breakfast of choice for at least ten years. maybe bring for small batches twice a year i would stock up

Bring back vanilla light start!

From: Ellen Hoekstra | May 27, 2021

I have been buying the vanilla light start for years. I use it every day for my berry smoothies. Please bring it back.


enjoy the product

From: Lins | May 25, 2021

Have you stopped making the Sugar Free version? I can't find that anymore in the stores and rare as well for the Light Start. I'm diabetic and enjoy this product for my glucose control.


Bring back the Vanilla light start

From: shan1078 | Apr 14, 2021

I have been drinking the Carnation light start vanilla for a few years now. It is my main source of nutrition due to a medical condition. The light start is much healthier than the regular. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!


Bring back the French Vanilla

From: jc3791 | Apr 13, 2021

I have been using the Light Start French Vanilla for years, I love it!. The extra sugar is not helpful to many of us, we are trying to be healthy for one reason or another, and the Light Start is a great option for us.


Please bring back the Light Start Vanilla!!!

From: Pianoman | Mar 17, 2021

My roommate who has diabetes has relied on the Light Start (or No Sugar Added) Vanilla Instant Breakfast for years. Now it appears to be discontinued. Please bring it back!!

BRING BACK THE VANILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: apppro | Feb 18, 2021

I WANT THE VANILLA>>>>> Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start™ Powder ALL that added sugar to other versions is NO GOOD for seniors.


Great Taste without the sugar!!

From: Anne | Feb 04, 2021

Great for anyone who has had gastric surgery. I have had gastric bypass surgery. This gives me my morning protein without the sugar - which I can not have. Not by choice, but it will make me ill to have more than a few grams in a day. Thank you for this product - I drink it every morning and have for over 4 years!! I wish it came in large quantity boxes at a lower cost.

Packets breakfast essentials

From: Joan | Feb 01, 2021

There was samples in the doctors office. Ive had them for a year, went on-line to see the ingredients. The list would not show on my phone correctly and when I turn phone horizantal page stops and loads another. Saw enough on the review page to see it has soy. I dont eat soy.


Love the light!!! Do you make it in vanilla?

From: | Nov 09, 2020

My husband is diabetic and loves this.... wish you made a vanilla in the light!!

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