Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

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About Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® Nutritional Drink Mix

when prepared as directed with 1 cup of skim milk

13 g Protein

to support growth and help build & maintain muscle

Key Nutrients for Immune Support

100% DV of Vitamin C & 50% DV of Vitamin D

40% DV Calcium

to help build strong bones

150 Nutrient-Rich Calories

for nutritional energy

20% DV Iron

to help blood deliver oxygen to the body

No Artificial

flavors or colors

Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start® products are nutritionally appropriate for ages 4 years and older

Each Prepared Serving of this Nutrient-Packed Breakfast Drink Mix Provides

when prepared as directed with 1 cup of skim milk



As much protein as two large eggs


As much calcium as three 5.3 oz cups of Greek Yogurt

Vitamin D
Vitamin D

As much vitamin D as two 8 fl oz glasses of milk

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

As much vitamin C as one medium orange

Source-USDA FoodData Central: One large egg has 6.3 g protein. One 5.3 oz cup of Greek Yogurt contains 141 mg calcium. One 8 fl oz glass of skim milk contains 2.9 mcg vitamin D. One medium orange has 70 mg vitamin C.

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Love the light, no sugar mix!

From: | Oct 20, 2021

I love this product. I grew up drinking the regular powder and now love the sugar-free one even more. The chocolate is delicious, but the vanilla is my favorite. I wish it would hurry up and be back in stock again soon!

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From: | Sep 20, 2021

Please start carrying light start vanilla again. I love getting fiber and protein in my breakfast drink. And vanilla can be mixed with so many flavors!

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Vanilla light start

From: Mike Lee | Jul 16, 2021

Please bring back vanilla light start. It's my favorite breakfast!

Flavor Reviewed:


From: Pamela Reichbart | Jul 14, 2021

Drinking this for decades every morning Can’t start my morning without it! Please bring back the Sugar Free version. I need it to start my day.......

Flavor Reviewed:

Light instant breakfast

From: | Jul 08, 2021

Need to bring back the vanilla light and coffee flavored

Flavor Reviewed:

Not finding in any store... concerned

From: | Jun 18, 2021

Are you not going to make the Light Start dry packages anymore? Publix and Walmart don't seem to have it.

Flavor Reviewed:

light start vanilla

From: | Jun 04, 2021

bring back light vanilla. It was my breakfast of choice for at least ten years. maybe bring for small batches twice a year i would stock up

Flavor Reviewed:

Bring back vanilla light start!

From: Ellen Hoekstra | May 27, 2021

I have been buying the vanilla light start for years. I use it every day for my berry smoothies. Please bring it back.

Flavor Reviewed:


enjoy the product

From: Lins | May 25, 2021

Have you stopped making the Sugar Free version? I can't find that anymore in the stores and rare as well for the Light Start. I'm diabetic and enjoy this product for my glucose control.

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Bring back the Vanilla light start

From: shan1078 | Apr 14, 2021

I have been drinking the Carnation light start vanilla for a few years now. It is my main source of nutrition due to a medical condition. The light start is much healthier than the regular. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

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