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Pregnant and breastfeeding women have increased requirements for protein as well as iron, zinc, magnesium, B-vitamins, and vitamins A & C. Each prepared serving provides at least 20% of the daily value for these vitamins and minerals plus protein. Check with your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the nutritional products that may be right for you.

Our Powder Drink Mixes were designed to be mixed with 1 cup of skim milk for a nutritional drink that provides 20% or more of the daily value for protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals. The powder can be mixed with other dairy beverages (such as 1%, 2% or whole milk), if preferred.  The nutritional content of non-dairy plant-based beverages is variable, and if used, may not contain the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals found in dairy beverages.

Our family of products help meet the nutritional needs of not only kids and teens but adults as well. The Original, Licensed, Probiotics and Light Start® products are nutritionally appropriate for ages 4 years and older. The High Protein products are nutritionally appropriate for ages 9 years and older.

Our Ready to Drink products are suitable for lactose intolerance but not for individuals with galactosemia.  Our Powder products contain nonfat milk (which is a natural source of lactose), and therefore are not suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Galactosemia is a genetic metabolic disorder. Individuals with this condition are unable to metabolize galactose, which is one of the two molecules that make up lactose or "milk sugar". These individuals must therefore eliminate all lactose from their diets. Nestlé Health Science products that are labeled as "suitable for lactose intolerance" may contain some residual lactose and therefore would not be appropriate for individuals with galactosemia.

Our products do not contain any added caffeine. However, the chocolate flavored products contain a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine contributed by the cocoa (< 5 mg per serving). 

Yes, our Ready to Drink beverages can be heated, provided you pour the beverage into a microwaveable glass or cup prior to heating. Our Powder Drink Mixes can also be heated. Heat 1 cup of milk in a microwave safe mug for 1½ minutes or until hot. Stir in one packet or serving of the Powder. Be sure to check the temperature of the product before consuming or offering it to a child.

Our Ready to Drink products are not designed to be frozen. However, they can be frozen if you prefer a slushy or ice cream consistency.  In that case, pour the drink in a clean, sealed container prior to freezing, and freeze for approximately 60-90 minutes.  Consume the frozen product. We do not recommend freezing Carnation Breakfast Essentials® drinks and then thawing them.

All of our Ready to Drink products are gluten-free. Our Powder Drink Mixes do not contain wheat; however, they are made on equipment that also processes wheat. Therefore, they are not considered gluten-free.

Our products provide supplemental nutrition, but not sole-source nutrition. Although our Ready to Drink products are rich in protein and 21 or more vitamins and minerals, they do not provide sufficient levels of essential nutrients including molybdenum and selenium. Additionally, our powder products do not contain essential fats. Check with your doctor if you have any questions about the nutritional products that may be right for you.

It is best to chill all Ready to Drink products before consuming. However, refrigeration is not required. Once opened, unused portions should be tightly covered, refrigerated and used within 24 hours.

Our Ready to Drink products are WIC* eligible in most states. Ask your healthcare provider or local WIC representative if your child can benefit from the nutrition in Carnation Breakfast Essentials®.

Our Powder products are not WIC* eligible. 

*WIC is a registered service mark of the US Department of Agriculture for USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. Check with your State WIC Agency for local policies regarding coverage.  No endorsement of any brand or product by the USDA is implied or intended.

The Original, High Protein, and Licensed Flavor products do not contain any artificial flavors, colors* or sweeteners.  The Light Start™ products do not contain artificial flavors or colors, however, they do contain artificial sweeteners. 

*Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Froot Loops® Flavored Nutritional drink contains color from Beta-carotene, and our Strawberry Flavored Nutritional Drink Mix contains color from beet juice. These colors are from natural sources. 

The nutritional profile of our Licensed Flavored Ready to Drink products and original Ready to Drink products are similar providing the same amount of protein, carbs, fat, and sugar. Each 8 fl oz bottle provides:

  • 240 nutrient-rich calories 
  • Excellent source of 10 grams protein to help build muscle
  • 21 vitamins & minerals, including calcium and vitamin D to help build strong bones
  • Made with no artificial flavors, colors* or sweeteners
  • Intended for ages 4 years and older, including teens and adults

*Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® Flavored Nutritional Drink contains a color added from natural sources.

Our Licensed Flavored Ready to Drink products are creamy drinks made with natural flavors that closely emulate the flavor of your favorite cereals.  They do not contain cereal pieces.

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