Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Original Nutritional Drink

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Original Nutritional Drink

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About Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Original Nutritional Drink

per 8 fl oz serving

10 g Protein

to support growth and help build & maintain muscle

Key Nutrients for Immune Support

100% DV of Vitamin C & 50% DV of Vitamin D

25% DV Calcium

to help build strong bones

240 Nutrient-Rich Calories

for nutritional energy

20% DV Iron

to help blood deliver oxygen to the body

No Artificial

flavors, colors or sweeteners

Gluten Free
Suitable for Lactose Intolerance, Not for individuals with galactosemia
Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Original products are nutritionally appropriate for ages 4 years and older.

Each Nutrient-Packed Breakfast Drink Provides

per 8 fl oz serving


As much protein as one and one half large eggs


As much calcium as two 5.3 oz cups of Greek Yogurt

Vitamin D
Vitamin D

As much vitamin D as two 8 fl oz glasses of milk

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

As much vitamin C as one medium orange

Source-USDA FoodData Central: One large egg has 6.3 g protein. One 5.3 oz cup of Greek Yogurt contains 141 mg calcium. One 8 fl oz glass of skim milk contains 2.9 mcg vitamin D. One medium orange has 70 mg vitamin C.

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My new pepsi

From: Carol Allen | Sep 27, 2021

Love this and it’s good for you! Something chocolate and sweet within a ton of calories

Flavor Reviewed:


Great Brand!!

From: otmcfadden | Apr 29, 2021

I really like the carnation brand so I really was happy to try the Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Ready-to-Drink it was not bad at all I would like to try different flavors

Flavor Reviewed:


Yummy yummy!

From: Traci | Apr 14, 2021

The fruit loop ones are amazing!!! We cleaned the shelf of them at Walmart!!! Please never quit making this kind!!!!! So delicious!!!!!

Flavor Reviewed:


It's been a life saver!

From: BrainCancerSucks | Mar 18, 2021

My brother was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer in 2020. Needless to say it was an extremely difficult year for all of us. Nothing prepares you for watching your only sibling battle such a brutal disease. After an entire year of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and endless doctor appointments he was fighting just to keep his weight up. These have been a saving grace when it comes to getting him proper nutrition. He can't stand the taste of the nutritional drinks they offer at the hospital and chemo makes it hard to stomach real food. I now buy these every week when I go to visit him and his two little boys, who love these drinks also! Thank you for making such a wonderful product, it has truly been a life saver!

Flavor Reviewed:

BRING BACK THE VANILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: apppro | Feb 18, 2021

I WANT THE VANILLA>>>>> Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Light Start™ Powder ALL that added sugar to other versions is NO GOOD for seniors.

Flavor Reviewed:


Tried all the flavors except Strawberry

From: RickyRose | Jan 23, 2021

Have tried all of them except Strawberry. Milk Chocolate is easily the best flavor. And easily the worst flavor has to be the Mixed Berry. It's just terrible. I wish I could get a refund or something, I don't know what to do with the rest of the pack. Whatever you do don't buy the mixed berry.

Flavor Reviewed:


Very Satisfied

From: miamibutterfly | Jan 08, 2021

I just found out that I'm pregnant and I need nutrition on the go because I'm a teacher. I bought the chocolate and I'm impressed with how smooth it goes down, and most of all how delicious the drink is. I think I'll be drinking these long after the pregnancy. I feel full in the morning and can wait until lunch without feeling so hungry. I'm really happy that I gave this product a try.

Flavor Reviewed:

What *@&& r trying 2 do kill us? Creamy Strawber

From: xwoive | Dec 23, 2020

I bought a six pack of the Creamy Strawberry for my wife. Now I have drunk Carnations Instant Breakfast since I was a kid & never had any issues. This was a first attempt with the premade containers. I thought it was the same strawberry. Our daughter had a wise idea to try one before my wife had to go to work and was stuck on the road with this as her meal. So, we bust one open. My wife takes a sip and start gagging! We thought she was over acting, so my daughter takes a sip and dose the same. Then I decided it can’t be that bad so, I took a healthy chug and my god it was All I could do to keep it down. It wasn’t bad. It was the taste. What in gods name did you do make this with Pepto, cream, and hint of strawberry? My god the after taste! Was worse than it going down! It lingered for almost a half an hour. I am a taster, it was bad, but my daughter is a super taster so it was super bad. Don’t by this nasty word that can’t be spoke. Just save your selves the horror! I need to see if, I can return the other five containers of the nasty, disgusting stuff !?

Flavor Reviewed:

Taste like vitamins

From: Wmollica | Oct 23, 2020

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I did not like this. I was gritty and it tasted like vitamins no matter what I did. It did not taste like a milk shake or thick milk, but it gave me an aftertaste. I will not buy this again. It was disturbingly gross.

Flavor Reviewed:


From: Shebulee | Oct 13, 2020

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I recently tried the Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready to Drink Mixed Berry drink, and I personally didn't like it that much. The mixed berry flavor was okay, but the consistency of the drink was just a little too thick for my liking.

Flavor Reviewed:

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